Solutions And What Symptoms Of Hepatitis B-What Symptoms Of Hepatitis B

What Symptoms Of Hepatitis B


What Symptoms Of Hepatitis B
What Symptoms Of Hepatitis B

What Is Hepatitis?

It is an inflammation of the liver. It may be caused by drugs, alcohol use, or certain medical conditions. But in most cases, it’s caused by a virus that infects the liver. This is known as viral hepatitis, and the most common forms are hepatitis A, B, and C.


Sometimes there are no symptoms of hepatitis in the first weeks after infection – the acute phase. But when they occur, the symptoms of hepatitis A, B, and C may include fatigue, nausea, poor appetite, belly pain, a mild fever, or yellow skin or eyes (jaundice.) When hepatitis B and C become chronic, they may cause no symptoms for years. By the time there are any warning signs, the liver may already be damaged.

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Hepatitis A: What Happens

A: is highly contagious and can spread from person to person in many different settings. It typically causes only a mild illness, and many people who are infected may never realize they are sick at all. The virus almost always goes away on its own and does not cause long-term liver damage.

A: How Does It Spread?

A: usually spreads through contaminated food or water. Food can be tainted when it’s touched by an infected person who did not wash his hands after using the bathroom. This transfers tiny amounts of the infected stool to the food. Raw shellfish, fruits, vegetables, and undercooked foods are common culprits in hepatitis A outbreaks. The virus can also spread in daycare centers if employees aren’t careful about washing hands after changing diapers.

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–    Light but constant abdominal discomfit

–    Headache

–    Fever

–    Fatigue

–    Loss of appetite

–    Vomiting

–    Pharyngitis and rejection of smoking

–    Presence of chills or being cold.

–    Eyes and skin become yellow

–    Brown urine

–    Whitish excrement

Type A: Who Is at Risk?

A prime risk factor for Type A is traveling to or living in a country with high infection rates. You can check the CDC’s travel advisories to learn about recent outbreaks. Eating raw foods or drinking tap water can increase your risk while traveling. Children who attend daycare centers also have a higher risk of getting Type-A.

Type B: What Happens

Many adults who get Type B have mild symptoms for a short time and then get better on their own. But some people are not able to clear the hepatitis B virus from the body, which causes a long-term infection. Nearly 90 percent of infants who get the virus will carry it with them for life. Over time, chronic Type B can lead to serious problems such as liver damage, liver failure, and liver cancer.

Type B: How Does It Spread?

You can get type B through contact with the blood or body fluids of an infected person, type B is most often spread through unprotected sex. It’s also possible to get Type B by sharing an infected person’s needles, razors or toothbrushes. And an infected mother can pass the virus to her baby during childbirth. Hepatitis B is not spread by hugging, kissing, sharing food, or coughing.

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Hepatitis B: Who Is at Risk?

Anyone can get hepatitis B, but people who have multiple sex partners or inject illegal drugs have a higher risk. Other risk factors include being a health care worker who is exposed to blood or living with someone who has chronic hepatitis B.

Hepatitis C: What Happens

About 25% of people who get hepatitis C defeat the virus after an acute infection. The rest will carry the virus in their body for the long term. Chronic hepatitis C can cause very serious complications, including liver failure and liver cancer. Fortunately, there are ways to manage the virus and reduce its impact on the liver.

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Hepatitis C: How Does It Spread?

Hepatitis C spreads through infected blood. Sharing needles or “works” to inject drugs is the most common cause of infection. Getting a tattoo or body piercing with an infected needle is another means of exposure. A mother may pass the virus to her child at birth. In rare cases, unprotected sex spreads hepatitis C, but the risk appears small. Having multiple sex partners, HIV, or rough sex seems to increase the risk for spreading hepatitis C.

Protecting Your Liver

If you have chronic hepatitis, there are steps you can take to keep your liver resilient. Avoid alcohol, which can cause additional liver damage. Check with your doctor before taking any medications or supplements, because some are tough on the liver or may not be safe in people with liver disease. Most importantly, keep your appointments for regular monitoring. By watching for any changes in your liver, you and your health care provider can stay one step ahead of the virus.

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