Ovarian Cancer And Fibroids Uterus Treatment Pack



Energizes and helps shrink tumors.
It treats Ovarian Cancer And Fibroids Uterus
It relieves constipation and eliminates boils
It treats both internal/external wounds and alleviates pain.
It eliminates oral sores and heals swollen gums
It prevents cancer and rejuvenates
It promotes oxygen supply to the womb.
It contains Anion strips that can purify the vaginal environment and prevent the menstrual period from breeding anaerobic bacteria.
It helps to eliminate odor in the female private part.
It prevents itching, resists bacteria on the outside.
It prevents diseases within the body
It enhances the functions of the bladder, liver, heart, large intestine, and small intestine
It treats heart function. By improving cardiac function
It prevents weight gain

Other benefits

  • Removes waste toxins, nourish ovary for the long-term.
  •  It improves inflammation-diminishing and sterilization
  • It regenerates skin, cells and cellular tissue of the stomach, small intestines and restores their functions.
  • It rejuvenates cells, tissues, and organs in the body. Its principle is based on stem cell regeneration.

It normalizes blood pressure.
It removes toxins
It helps the nervous system.
Improves blood circulation
Prevent coagulation of cholesterol and enhances the immune system function
Improves muscle growth, burns fat, reduces fatigue, increases mental focus, improves recovery, reduces muscle soreness, and improves performance in sport.
Promotes blood circulation.
Purifies the blood by increasing alkalinity and balancing the ratio of certain minerals in the blood.
Kills 99.9% of bacteria through the embedded negative ion strip.

Fibroids Types And Ovarian Cancer Treatment And Pack
Ovarian Cancer And Fibroids Uterus Treatment Pack
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Norland Products Combo For Treatment Of Fibroids
Ovarian Cancer And Fibroids Uterus Treatment Pack
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