Norland Detox Pack

Norland Detox Pack

Norland Detox Pack
Norland Detox Pack
Norland Detox Pack
Norland Detox Pack
Norland Detox Pack
Norland Detox Pack

  Why in the current era with highly developed science and technology, how come many diseases still failed to be cured?

  With elevated living standards and enhanced health care conscientiousness is also enhanced, how come there have been more and more chronic diseases?

  Why some friends around me, given they were still well yesterday, suddenly suffered from myocardial infarction or cerebral hemorrhage?

  Why have the cancers uncommon years ago become prevalent nowadays?

Toxins, Toxic deposits are the root of all sickness

Human diseases are not only attributed to the invasion of bacteria and diseases toxins, but they can also be attributed to a greater extent to the accumulations of the endogenous toxins, which are the paramount reason for causing chronic intoxication; therefore, the paramount task of human health systematically eliminates the toxins inside the body。 

The history of mankind is the history of all sickness —— FolkeHenschen 

What are toxins? 

 “Toxins”——those substances that are excessive and unneeded by humans and unable to be expulsed are all known as toxins, and they include:free radicals, putrefaction, cholesterol, lipid, uric acid, lactic acid., water toxins and extravasated blood et. 

Norland Detox Pack
Norland Detox Pack

What are toxic deposits?

 “toxic deposits”——the substances that fail to be metabolized by humans are deposited inside the body, and, after having accumulated layer by layer for years, the toxins are firmly adhered to the various organ and tissue cells of the internal organs, just like the scales inside a teapot, thus forming the toxic deposits that cannot be easily washed away and metabolized

2. Toxins, Toxic deposits’ effects on human organs. Sickness caused by toxins and toxic deposits

Norland Detox Pack
Norland Detox Pack

Lipid Toxic Deposits

Norland Detox Pack
Norland Detox Pack

Lipid Toxic Deposits In The Liver and Gallbladder

Norland Detox Pack
Norland Detox Pack

Toxins Accumulated in the Spleen, Stomach and Intestines

Norland Detox Pack
Norland Detox Pack

Toxins Accumulated in the Lungs

Norland Detox Pack
Norland Detox Pack

Norland Detox Pack
Norland Detox Pack
Norland Detox Pack
Norland Detox Pack
Norland Detox Pack
Norland Detox Pack
Norland Detox Pack
Norland Detox Pack
Norland Detox Pack
Norland Detox Pack

The Systematic Detoxification is • the Essence of Chinese’s 5000 years of Health Wisdom

Norland Detox Pack
Norland Detox Pack
Norland Detox Pack
Norland Detox Pack
Norland Detox Pack
Norland Detox Pack
Norland Detox Pack
Norland Detox Pack
Norland Detox Pack
Norland Detox Pack
Norland Detox Pack
Norland Detox Pack

Modern medicine is a dynamic equilibrium of the human body environment, along with the development of society, they come to realize that how uric acid, free radicals, excess fat seriously affects health. And how to remove these toxins is currently the direction that modern science and technology workers have been studying!

Norland Detox Pack
Norland Detox Pack
Norland Detox Pack
Norland Detox Pack
Norland Detox Pack
Norland Detox Pack
Norland Detox Pack
Norland Detox Pack

4. Herbal Series -The Secret of “Systematic Detoxification”

Norland Detox Pack
Norland Detox Pack
Norland Detox Pack
Norland Detox Pack

The formula of Herbal Series strictly follows the Chinese five-thousand-year health wisdom essence, and selected such precious Chinese herbal medicines as American ginseng, polygonum multi florum, cassia seeds, black sesame, the root of kudzu vine, and ginkgo leaf as exquisite combinations, thus forming an all-rounded,  highly effective classical formula of deep-layer systematic detoxication; then by fusing the modern top-notch the magnetized energy waves technology, they brought the effects of the herbal essence solution into full play

The Process of Herbal Series

Norland Detox Pack 65

5. Herbal Series’Four Unique Characteristics

Unmatched Feature 1: Overnight Systematic Detoxification, Full-body Easing

It takes only 24-hour to eliminate systematic toxic deposits, purify the blood, permeate internal organs, blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol, blood viscosity, blood uric acid, alanine transaminase,ALT, etc., and the abnormal indicators are improved in an all-rounded way, bodyweight reduced, and the taker has systematic easing, have a ruddy complexion, enhanced appetite, and sweet sleep.

Norland Detox Pack 66

Unmatched Feature 2: Full-Body Permeation and Balance, and Immunity Elevation

Deep-layer systematic detoxication therapy follows the health wisdom “Without toxin clearance, the body will not be permeated and the diseases not eradicated” for the human body, and by deep-layer permeating of the detoxication channels of various cells of the human body, it achieves the systematic permeation, and coordination of the organs and tissues, with the systematic health status, obviously improved!

Norland Detox Pack 67

Unmatched Feature 3: On the same day, detoxification is visible, and able to feel, and the medical tests are contrastable.

•Feel It:the taker will feel a systematic easing,  greatly enhanced appetite, and elevated sleeping quality;the sub-health symptoms were improved or disappeared.

•Visible:on the same day, it can be seen that the colorful toxins of various shapes inside the body were expelled out of the body.

•Detectable:hospital tests can discover that such bodily abnormal indicators as triglycerides, cholesterol,  blood viscosity, blood uric acid were obviously improved.

Unmatched Feature 4: Annually, it takes only 2—6 times, and for a whole year the take has worry-free health

It takes only one administration, so it is more effective than drug administration; it takes only one time, so it is safer than surgical operations; no matter what your body was like before, and no matter what environment you are in, it can bestow you with worry-free health, and efficacies can have sustained functioning for 120 days, therefore, annually it takes only 2—6 times, and health longevity is no longer tough issues!

Norland Detox Pack 68

6. Herbal Series: Three Innovative Breakthrough No. 1: DeepLayer Detoxification

No matter oriental Gua Sha Treatment or western medicines, they can only have a single detoxication, and what they usually solve are such superficial toxins as those of the lymph nodes and intestinal tract. ZMD -Herbal Series, however, has made a breakthrough in this limitation, and for the first time, it has realized the systematic detoxication of deep-layer cells, directly targets the disease sources. 

Norland Detox Pack 69

Breakthrough No. 2:Detoxication in an All-rounded Way

The conventional detoxication approaches all belong to only reactive, not preventive regulation, and they have never realized the detoxications of all the systematic tissues and organs. ZMD -Herbal Series has made a breakthrough in this limitation, thus, for the first time, realizing systematic detoxication and achieving systematic permeation and worry-free health

Norland Detox Pack 70

Breakthrough No. 3:Does Not Harm the Bodies

No matter it is an enema or surgical operation,  not only do they fail to have the detoxication of deep-layer cells, but they will also damage the body’s inherent balance, or even will directly damage healthy cells. While ZMD Herbal Series stripping the toxins off the cells, it can even enhance the cells’ activities and metabolic capacities, and it is complete maintenance of the systematic cells, and the nutrition absorption and utility rates are greatly elevated.

Norland Detox Pack 71
Norland Detox Pack 72
Norland Detox Pack 73
Norland Detox Pack 74
Norland Detox Pack 75
Norland Detox Pack 76
Norland Detox Pack 77
Norland Detox Pack 78
Norland Detox Pack 79
Norland Detox Pack 80

Gentle Reminder:

•One week prior to the oral administration, the administrations of all medicines are prohibited,  and meat dishes, alcoholic drinks, tea, coffee, and any other drinks are prohibited. On the same day, the diet should be mainly vegetables, and after 2:00 p.m., any food, as well as the breakfast of the next morning, is prohibited.

Norland Detox Pack 81

The following 11 categories of people urgently need systematic detoxification

1.  Those who often have overtime working, go on business trips, burning the midnight oil, thus leading to disorders of the metabolic system,  systematic toxins  accumulation

2.  Long-term alcoholic drinking, smoking harms the liver and damages the lungs

3.  Long-term sedative work in offices facing the PCs and having little exercise

4.  Long-term use of cosmetics, thus leading to lead and mercury depositions

5.  Long-term medicine administration, with harms to the liver and kidney

6.  Long-term excessive intake of high-fat, high-calorie food, and consequently the toxins inside the body will be generated, thus causing imbalanced bodily disorders and resulting in obesity

7.  Long-term oral administration of contraceptives, thus leading to bodily disorders

8.  Excessive eating of spicy food or excessive drinking and eating burdened the gastrointestinal tract, leading to the accumulation of toxins.

9.  Long-term constipation, the toxins accumulation pollution intestinal tract and blood

10. Big emotional fluctuations and excessive living and working pressure, thus leading to neurological disorders, and toxin accumulations.

11. Those with bad breath and skin itchiness

The Use Phrase Stages of Herbal Series

Begining Stage:
1. On the day of taking, lipid particles, uric acid crystals, internal organs, and lipid blood toxic will be cleansed.

2. After cleansing toxins from organs, a nutrition channel is opened for better absorption of nutrition and medication.

3. Lightening the burden of internal organs, effectively preventing the occurrence of various complications, and adding more burden of various organs, thus enhanced the healing power of the body。

Middle Stage:1. Organs’ self-repairing capacity gradually restored, fully

enhancing healing power。

2. Enhanced immunity system, preventing major diseases

Future Stage: Prolonging life, anti-aging, toxic deposit-free, organs becoming

more healthy. Because the organs determine the life of a person,

thus the person’s overall life will also be extended.

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Norland Detox Pack 84

Norland Detox Pack 85
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Norland Detox Pack 90
Norland Detox Pack 91
Norland Detox Pack 92
Norland Detox Pack 93
Norland Detox Pack 94
Norland Detox Pack 95
Norland Detox Pack 96


Norland Detox Pack 97




So what are you waiting for? 

          Don’t delay. Be rest assured that we are going to work with you to get your desired outcome.

Beyond just purchasing this product from us, we will keep giving you essential tips via email and text message that will also help you manage your health condition appropriately

Take responsibility for your health.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Francis
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